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  • What Is GST? Goods And Services Tax (GST) In Australia is a value added tax (VAT) on the supply of goods & services within Australia. The current rate in Australia for Jewellery is 10% (as of November 2019)


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The use of this websites images & designs is also subject to the following Terms Of Use:

  • All jewellery designs and images depicted on this website are subject to Copyright ©. The SnowJewel Brand is based on snowflake and snow themed jewellery, pendants, necklaces, chains, rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, charms, keyrings, helmet pins, team or corporate jewellery, and anything else you can expect as jewellery with a snowflake theme.  If you can’t find a snowflake design you like, we also specialise in custom design!
  • Apart from any use permitted under the Australian Copyright ACT 1968 Permission for no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the exclusive permission of ME Jewellery Design Pty Ltd  t/as SnowJewel. Inc 2010. Any company, organisation or individual infringing copyright will be subject to prosecution.
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Wholesale bulk orders available – SnowJewel branded Snowflake Jewellery designed by SnowJewel Australia.

The use of the recommended retail price (RRP) is in Australian dollars AUD$, and it is to be used as a guideline for pricing and left up to the discretion of the retailer.

  1. All jewellery is to be sold with the branded, “SnowJewel” packaging that is supplied by us, including the Information Card and Diamond Certificates.  As an emerging global brand, using our packaging and internet presence for your business to flourish and gain trust with customers work well for all of us.
  2. We can supply branded display cabinets and stands if required depending on your location.  Please contact us for further details.. Branded cabinets and stands remain the property of SnowJewel until paid for outright. Please check with us if you order qualifies for free cabinet installation.
  3. Consignment conditions to approved retailers.  Please contact us further to discuss your needs or to answer your questions. 
  4. SOR Sale Or Return:  Once approved, a 50% deposit is required within seven days (7) after your initial order. The remaining 50% balance is required seven days (7) after receiving your jewellery. Please note: Failure to pay the final payment within seven (7) days will void your right to return the jewellery and SnowJewel Australia has the discretion in accepting any returns &  final outstanding balance will be required within 14 days of receipt of goods.
  5. SOR is not available to retailers wanting exclusivity (see #8). All jewellery purchased by a retailer, must then be displayed in a prominent position for a maximum chance of selling, with all packaging, branding supplied. The order must be held by the retailer for a minimum of 3 months and all efforts to sell the jewellery are expected. It is not advisable to purchase jewellery purely to fill a cabinet knowing you can possibly return it after 3months, so care should be taken to order items that are most likely to sell in the store. SOR returns: If SnowJewel is contacted for a return of unsold items they have the right to assess whether the retailer has made every effort to sell the items and if the retailer has abided by our SOR payment terms of seven (7) days. During this time, if the retailer holds alternate brands similar to snowjewel brand/designs, we have the right to extend the time for which the retailer must keep the jewellery and try to sell it. If it is agreed that the jewellery can be returned to us, it must be returned with the original packaging and labels still attached and in the same condition it left us ie: untarnished, scratch free, unworn, and unbroken. We have the right to reject any item that is not returned appropriately in the said condition. It is the retailers responsibility to bare the costs of the return and that the items are sent safely and securely by a traceable postage/freight. Do not place all the jewellery in one bag together – jewellery must be individually packaged in each items box as supplied, prior to sending. Scratched or damaged jewellery will be charged at the applicable rate. These terms are valid only when all conditions are met. The goods are then valid for return within 12 months. Please contact us further to discuss your needs or to answer your questions.
  6. Minimum orders: a minimum order of $1500 Aud wholesale price covering a variety of designs. We are happy to guide you regarding best sellers to start with. Please contact us with concerns regarding minimum orders as we realise all shops are unique.
  7. Jewellery displayed in our cabinets – no other articles or brands of jewellery are to be displayed within our cabinets. This is to alleviate any confusion that a customer may wrongly presume that those products are manufactured by SnowJewel Australia with the same high quality and warranty.
  8. Exclusivity: Retailers can be granted exclusivity in a town, suburb, city etc –  however conditions are based on an initial order of $5000.00 aud (w/s) or more by the retailer. With ongoing annual/seasonal purchases over $10’000.00 aud (w/s) to maintain your exclusivity. Depending on your location, we can set up one of our cabinets for you in your store with a selected variety of our jewellery (retailers choice) across all categories including pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms, rings, cufflinks, keyrings. Exclusivity will be honoured by SnowJewel Australia providing the retailer abides by our Terms of Sale and makes consistent and seasonal orders as described above. This is subject to negotiation with consideration given to the region, population, potential volume of customers, ski resort/store location and size. Only available to physical stores, not available to selling on an online shop.
  9. Retailers NOT complying or agreeing with these standard conditions of sale, will NOT be supplied products.
  10. Retailers with approved consignment stock will NOT be granted exclusivity, unless negotiated prior.
  11. Retailers wanting ‘SOR’ stock will NOT be granted exclusivity, unless negotiated prior.



    Please choose carefully and ensure that the products meet your specification. All dimensions listed on line are approximates and can sometimes be a few millimetres out. If unsure please contact our friendly team to confirm exacts measurements. 



    You, the retailer, are solely responsible for any SnowJewel jewellery held by you in your store or elsewhere. As well as in all respects for use of and for protecting the confidentiality of any username and password that may be given to you or selected by you for use on our website. You may not share these with or transfer them to any third parties. You must notify snowjewel  immediately of any unauthorised use of them or any other breach of security regarding our website that comes to your attention.



    Please note that all pictures should only be used as a reference, items may vary slightly in colour from the images shown (depends on the contrast levels of your monitor or device). Also, stones may vary slightly from photos. No reproductions of any pictures are permitted without the consent of SnowJewel Australia. 



    At SnowJewel your peace of mind is our number one priority.  Our Designer & Jewellers are members of the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA), meaning we meet the highest standards of quality, workmanship and customer service. We work hard to provide exquisite jewellery at a quality that will last for generations.
    Our careful manufacturing process and attention to detail means that your item should arrive in pristine condition, however a manufacturing defect can still occur on the rare occasion. We are so confident in the quality of our jewellery, we offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.



    SnowJewel Australia offers a lifetime warranty for any defects in workmanship on all our items, whether sold in store or online. We hope that you never receive a faulty item; however if you do encounter what we assess to be a manufacturing defect and have proof of purchase, we will happily remedy the situation for you.

    These remedies may include (but are not limited to), a repair, a replacement, an exchange for a different item or a refund. In the case of a possible defect, please get in touch and we will assess the item in question. Contact our customer service team – customerservice@snowjewel.com.au

    Please note this lifetime warranty does not cover damaged items resulting from misuse, wear and tear, unauthorised repairs or alterations, accidents, exposure to harmful, abrasive or corrosive substances or any other factors outside of normal expected use. Please see our jewellery care guide for information on proper jewellery handling and care.



    Rhodium is a member of the Platinum family. However the actual metal Rhodium is far too hard and brittle to actually manufacture Jewellery products from. Therefore a thin coating of Rhodium, to the outside of Jewellery, is very common amongst higher quality Sterling Silver and White Golds. The electro-deposition of Rhodium assists in the oxidation resistance, gives a shiny white surface like Platinum and retains its brightness for an extended time. However all jewellery that is Rhodium Plated will require a re-coating at least once a year is advisable. We offer a re Rhodium service, should you require it, contact us. You will need to post it to us with a return self addressed envelope inside. Please use a tracked postage, we are not responsible for the jewellery going missing.



    SnowJewels with gold plating are as such costed with a light plating of 9ct Yellow Gold vermeil. It is not permanent, and will eventually wear off, back to it’s Sterling Silver base. The coating can be refreshed at a small cost to keep it looking bright gold. Please contact us for more information regarding our replating service. You will need to post it to us with a return self addressed envelope inside. Please use a tracked postage, we are not responsible for the jewellery going missing.



    Although the enamel accent is hard wearing it will eventually wear away if your jewellery is worn continuously or cleaned in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner or exposed to harsh chemicals. As we are manufacturing jewellers we are here for all your jewellery care needs, so contact us to have your jewellery to be refreshed with this enamel accent.  Contact us to organise a re enameling. You will need to post it to us with a return self addressed envelope inside. Please use a tracked postage, we are not responsible for the jewellery going missing.



    If you are overseas and purchase a product with black enamel or rhodium plating & gold vermiel, we advise the same conditions apply regarding postage. Please consider the cost of postage against going to your local jeweller to have the same services done.



    When we manufacture our jewellery we take the utmost care to produce it and supply it to you perfectly. We want you to enjoy its quality forever so in order to avoid any future problems or mistreatment, please follow our advice below to maintain your precious jewels.

    Here is our advice on how to keep your SnowJewel clean, bright, and undamaged:

    Try to avoid hand lotions and oil related substances if you can. The oily residue will adhere to the back and side of your stones and settings. Over time your Jewellery does not look as bright & shiny as it used to be, this also happens to diamonds as well. This is mainly due to a slight layer of oil and dirt that has covered/adhered to your gemstones and around the settings. This layer can block light from entering your gemstones and blocking the refraction of light “Brilliance”. No doubt many will agree that a gemstones beauty is not only from it’s colour but it’s brilliance! Light entering and refracting from the cut facets of your gemstone make the gems sparkle and dance as is they have a life of their own.

    We recommend removing your Jewellery before applying hand lotion, sunscreens, hairspray and oil related products (cooking etc). Also please apply perfumes prior to wearing your Jewellery. Do not spray Perfumes directly onto your Jewellery – Especially Pearls!


    Methods For Cleaning

    We know the above is hard to practice and avoid at times. Therefore when you have noticed that your Jewellery appears dull. It is time to restore the shine and brilliance by cleaning and washing them. If your SnowJewel requires cleaning, contact us and we can arrange to have your piece returned for cleaning.

    1. Warm soapy water and a soft paintbrush (artist style NOT a toothbrush ‘they are too rough’) can be used to clean most types of jewellery. Simply mix dishwashing liquid with warm/hot water and soak your Jewellery for about 15 minutes. (a dash of cloudy ammonia in this solution is also very effective – Keep away from Children). After a few minutes remove your jewellery from the bath and then gently brush your jewellery in, around and behind all the stones. Rinse it under warm water and dry with a clean tissue (not one with aloe-vera or eucalyptus oils).
    2. Should your Rhodium plating become a little dull, we recommend a very light rub with a soft 100% cotton cloth or a specialised Silver/Gold cloth can also be used, however use only very light rubbing.
    3. Alternatively purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaning machine and following the instructions will be even more effective.
      Avoid having a Jeweller heavily polish your piece if it is Rhodium plated, to prevent the Rhodium being removed (a good Jeweller will no this anyway). If you would like us to supply you with an ultrasonic cleaner from a reliable and reputable Australia Supplier please contact us.


    Enamel Accents and Cleaning

    Although the black enamel accent is hard wearing, if your jewellery is worn continuously, it may eventually wear away. Using an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, or exposed to harsh chemicals will also remove the enamel. As we are manufacturing jewellers, we are here for all your jewellery care needs, so contact us to have your jewellery refreshed with enamel accent. You will need to post it to us with a return self addressed envelope inside. Please use a tracked postage, we are not responsible for the jewellery going missing.



    If there are any questions regarding these Terms Of Use you may contact us using the information below.

    Email:                                customerservice@snowjewel.com.au

    Address:                            Po Box 148 Toukley, NSW, 2263, Australia

    Phone:                              0405 283434  OR  0420 560056

    International Phone:     +61 405 283434  OR  +61 420 560056

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